DeWalt DWE575 vs DWE575SB Circular Saw

The DeWalt DWE575 and DeWalt DWE575SB circular saws are closely related in terms of the features.

This might make some people not to be sure which one to choose. Well, we will look at each of the circular saws and see how they compare to each other.

Both are within the affordable range for DeWalt products and are well built. Let us get into the reviews to learn more about the two.

Quick Summary

The DWE575 unit has one of the best build-quality in the market. It also has the power to match up the build quality. We would recommend it for anyone looking for a circular saw for heavy duty applications.

The DWE575SB is an affordable circular saw to own today. It lives up to the brand’s reputation. It is not as powerful as the DWE575 unit, but it will handle most of the projects. If you are a DIYer on a budget, this is an ideal option for you.

The Comparison

DeWalt DWE575 Lightweight Circular Saw

DEWALT DWE575 7-1/4 in. Lightweight Circular Saw

The DeWalt DWE575 circular saw is popular in most workshops. This is because the tool is geared towards making your life easier when working on wood projects. It has also gathered multiple positive reviews that make it intriguing enough for us to check it out. Let us see what it is all about.

The Overall Build Quality

When it comes to DeWalt power tools, we easily find that they will last long without you having to worry about the build quality. The same applies to this unit as it is built to live up to any workshop use. Even if you accidentally drop it, you simply have to pick it up and get back to working with it.

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As for the blade quality, the unit features a full size 7.25-inch carbide tipped blade. This blade is strong enough to easily cut through wood. You will find that it can go through wood like butter. Even the thick wood workpieces should not be a problem. The model can handle any tough materials to make it even better.

DEWALT DWE575 7-1/4 in. Lightweight Circular Saw


Dust Blower

You will further like the dust extraction feature that comes with the circular saw. The aim of the dust blower is to deliver a constant air stream around the cut line. You can now end up with a clear cut line to improve on accuracy.

The Cutting Capacity

Like any other circular saw, the cutting capacity is going to highly affect how people buy a unit. For this one, it has a cutting capacity of 2.55 inches when cutting at 90 degrees and 1.9 inches when at 45 degrees. Such versatility is what makes it stand out as one of the best for cutting MDF board, plywood, and wood planks.

Still as part of the cutting capacity, we also have to mention the bevel capacity. The unit makes cutting at angles easier than before. This is because it has a bevel capacity of 57 degrees. With positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees, it makes your work easier to make the most common angular cuts.

Adjusting the bevel angle is easy considering that it comes with a latch. Having a latch is easier to use as compared to a knob. You simply have to pull the latch and get the saw to the desired angle.

The Raw Power

If you are going to get the best circular saw, then its power is important. Well, this one is agile and powerful. It runs on a 15-amp motor that consumes 1950 watts of power. The motor is ideal for you to handle any tough lumber jobs considering it can drive the blade up to 5200RPM.

What We Like

  • The motor is powerful for cutting tough materials
  • It is lightweight at 8.8 pounds
  • It is good for making angular cuts
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What We Don’t Like

  • It lacks an electric brake

The Solution: An electric brake is an important feature for most circular saw users, but it is not mandatory. You might have to wait longer before the blade stops, but it might be just 10 seconds or less.

DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake, 15-Amp (DWE575SB)

Whenever you search for an affordable circular saw, sometimes it is not easy to get one that is worth the money. However, the DeWalt DWE575SB might just change your mind about the whole thing. Here are more reasons to get the unit.


The unit rocks an inductive motor that uses up to 1950 watts of power. The no load speed is 5200RPM and runs a blade of size 7.25 inches. This type of power and speed, makes the unit ideal for handling the different applications you might have. Considering the high speed of the saw, we find it being ideal for offering consistent smooth cuts all the time.

Even if it is affordable, you will still find it being powerful enough for handling tough applications you might need to accomplish.

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake, 15-Amp (DWE575SB)

Cutting Capability

As for the cutting capacity, we find it having the same capability as the DWE575 unit mentioned above. That is, you get 2.55 inches cutting capacity at 90 degrees and 1.9 inches when cutting at 45 degrees. It is easy to see that it will be enough to handle most woodworking applications.

You can never go wrong with a unit that offers beveling capacity. The maximum bevel angle on this unit is 57 degrees. Such a capacity makes the unit more versatile as compared to what you get with other units. It is also easy to adjust the blade angle with the use of a latch. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you should be good.

Electric Brake

This is a nice feature that the DWE575 model lacks. The electric brake is good to ensure the blade stops faster. It can stop in just two seconds after releasing the trigger. This can be ideal if you have to get down to cutting again faster. It is also a nice safety feature. You never know when you might have to stop the blade instantly.

What We Like

  • It is affordable and great value
  • The unit is compact and lightweight
  • The front handle offers the best grip and comfort

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the best for heavy duty cutting

The Solution: Some feel it could use more power for heavy duty cutting. To deal with this slight problem, you can do several passes on a material to make the cut.

Which is Better?

Both DWE575 and DWE575SB tools come with large blades of 7.25 inches and offer impressive cutting capacity. We find them also having powerful motors to handle multiple projects you might need to work on at a job site.

The DWE575SB stands out for having an electric brake that makes stopping the blade faster. As much as the DWE575 unit lacks the electric brake, it is still the best between the two. This is because it is powerful and delivers consistently clean cuts. It is going to be an ideal tool for anyone who needs to handle heavy duty applications.


From the features above, it is easy to see that both units have the best cutting capacity. Also, they are built to last longer. The DWE575SB might slightly struggle with heavy duty applications, but with multiple passes it will still get the job done. You should then buy the one that you feel will work great depending on your needs.