DeWalt DWE575SB vs Milwaukee 6390 Circular Saw

Each time you need a circular saw, most of the options would be either a unit from DeWalt or Milwaukee.

So, which one would be the best? That can only be decided by the reviews of units from both brands.

In this review, we look at the DeWalt DWE575SB and the Milwaukee 6390-21 circular saws.

Whenever looking for the best circular saw, look at the blade size, construction, overall quality, ease of use, and any innovative features that make the saw stand out.

Quick Summary

The DeWalt DWE575SB is what you need when you are a pro who needs to handle thick materials. The model is also durable and delivers on an impressive cutting depth for multiple applications.

The Milwaukee 6390-21 model is also good for woodworkers. They can either be professionals or beginners. It is loved for being precise and affordable at the same time.

The Comparison

DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake, 15-Amp (DWE575SB)

The DeWalt DWE575SB is not only low maintenance, but also lightweight. These are some of the features you will like about owning the circular saw. Here are more of its best features.

The Design

The unit comes with a tough cord protection system as part of the design. The aim is for you to end up with a high-quality cord to last for years. Also, the unit is shipped with a handy carry case. This should make it easier for you to transport the unit around to whichever job site you want.

As part of design, we find that it features the electric brake. So, what is an electric brake? Well, this feature allows for the blade to stop in just two seconds from its full speed. It should allow you to do repetitive cuts faster or act as a safety feature.

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The unit is also lightweight at 8.8 pounds. Operating the power tools for hours in a day can take a toll on your body. It is why you would want it to be lightweight. Luckily, we find this to be lightweight and ergonomically shaped to improve comfort and overall use.


DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake, 15-Amp (DWE575SB)


The circular saw is made of high-grade aluminum material. This type of material is important to provide you with the best durability and strength a power tool is supposed to have.

The same durability goes into making the large 7-1/4-inch blade. The blade will now be ideal for cutting through different types of materials without struggling. Also, it lasts longer for you to keep using the same blade without necessarily changing it.


It is one of the top circular saws with the best versatility. Since it comes with a larger blade, we find that it will be an ideal option for anyone who needs to cut through thick materials. The anti-vibration feature means that you can work on different applications without necessarily feeling fatigued. As such, it will be ideal for remodeling, concrete forming, and many other applications.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of any circular saw will be affected by its blade size, the motor output, and torque. Well, this one has a strong 15-amp motor that can spin up to 5200RPM. For this speed and blade size of 7-1/4 inches, the cutting capacity is great. It comes with a cutting depth of up to 2.5 inches at 90 degrees.

What We Like

  • It has a wide range of bevel cut angles
  • The unit has a strong motor
  • It is tough and durable

What We Don’t Like

  • The base plate feels wobbly

The Solution: If the base plate wobbles, consider tightening the relevant screws as much as possible. Do this more often as they can get loose with time when you keep using the circular saw.

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Milwaukee 6390-21 Circular Saw

Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4-Inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw

The Milwaukee 6390-21 circular saw is always easy to use and remains durable. These are two important features that anyone would want to see in a circular saw. Below are more of its features.

Tilt-Lock Handle

The circular saw comes with a unique tilt-lock handle. With this handle, you can adjust it up to 8 positions depending on the application you are handling. As such, you should always have more control over what you are cutting. This is a revolutionary concept that should work great depending on the application you have.

The grip is also worth mentioning as it makes the tool feel comfortable in the hand. Even those wearing gloves should easily control the saw.

The Power

As for the power, the 15-amp motor delivers up to 3.25 horsepower. This amount of power is enough for cutting different materials whether they are hard or soft. Also, the motor delivers up to 5800RPM in terms of speed. Spinning the blade at this speed helps to achieve clean cuts all the time.

Bevel Capacity

Just like the DeWalt unit mentioned above, this one also has a bevel cutting capability. It can bevel up to 50 degrees. This should be enough angle to make the various angle cuts you might need. The best part is that you still experience superior visibility.

Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4-Inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw


The manufacturer uses high quality materials to make the saw. The result is that you end up with a highly durable circular saw. The last thing you would want is to buy another saw every few months.

Ease of Use

If you have to make quick changes to the saw while in the field, you will find that the process is easy. This is because it comes as a kit with all the necessary tools for making any changes to the circular saw. The same applies to when you have to change the blade. The process is simple and straightforward.

What We Like

  • Unique and impressive handle
  • It is easy to make changes to the saw
  • It is easy to use
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What We Don’t Like

  • Fitting in the case requires setting it to the lowest angle

The Solution: To set it to the lowest angle might be irritating to do so each time while storing it in the case, but the whole process is simple. Within a minute or less, you should be done with the whole process.

Which is Better?

Both circular saws boast of having powerful 15-amp motors. Such motors can deliver impressive speeds of over 5200RPM, making the tools ideal for smooth cuts. It does not matter whether it is hard or soft materials. You would always get the best cuts all the time.

The DeWalt DWE575SB unit is what most would consider because of its high-quality construction. Also, it comes with a high bevel capacity in comparison to the Milwaukee 6390. However, if you want something affordable, then the Milwaukee 6390 unit can still be an ideal option.

Final Thoughts

Tough applications always require the right circular saw. For our comparison above, that saw would be the DeWalt DWE575SB model. For someone who is on a budget, but still wants a strong and powerful circular saw, then the Milwaukee 6390-21 unit is ideal.

Both are good in terms of durability, cutting capacity, and being lightweight. Whichever you decide to pick, you will find that both live up to their features.