Makita 5007MGA vs 5008MGA Magnesium Circular Saw

The Makita 5007MGA and the Makita 5008MGA are top circular saws in the market. Coming from the same brand means they will have multiple similar features.

However, our aim is to find out what makes them different and which is better.

Anyone who is looking for the best circular saw, then the cutting capacity, the brand, build quality, ease of use, and ergonomics are some of the considerations to have in mind.

We want to see how these features compare below.

Quick Summary

The Makita 5007MGA is for someone who has to mostly work on framing walls, floors, and roofs. This is because the power is good enough to handle dense lumber jobs.

As for the Makita 5008MGA, it will still be great for framing walls, roofing, and floors. The only difference is that the 5008MGA has a bigger cutting capacity. If your job involves cutting thick lumber workpieces all day long, then the 5008MGA model is what you need.

The Comparison

Makita 5007MGA Magnesium Circular Saw

Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4" Magnesium Circular Saw, with Electric Brake

The Makita 5007MGA stands out for its performance, cutting capacity, and a lot more. It is why we need to look at more features the manufacturer included in this unit below.


The first thing we like about this unit should be its accuracy. The model features easy to read numbers and markings on the ruler at the base. As such, you should have an easier time setting up the unit correctly to achieve the accurate cuts.

To ensure that accuracy is always great, you will find it also having the LED lights. These lights help to see the cutting line better. You can also use the same light while working in the poorly lit workshops.

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The unit comes with the best efficiency in terms of ease of use. You will find that it has positive stops from 0 to 45 degrees. They can be great for those who need to make quick custom cuts. Well, we must point out that the unit can bevel up to 56 degrees. This bevel capacity is what anyone would need if they need to make angled cuts.

There are also the large rubberized levers on the unit. Such levers make it easier for you to quickly adjust the saw with one hand.

Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4" Magnesium Circular Saw, with Electric Brake

The Power

We could not miss checking out the power of the 5007MGA unit. The power is impressive considering the unit uses a 15-amp motor. This motor is able to deliver up to 5,800RPM as the output. With such speed, the 7.25-inch blade should have an easier time going through the different materials.


You will also notice that the unit has some of the best precision as compared to others. This is because the blade spins faster resulting in clean cuts all the time. Also, the unit features an electric brake to help in improving the overall productivity.

The product’s ergonomics and maneuverability make it easier for you to make repetitive cuts without missing out on precision.

What We Like

  • Easily maneuverable
  • It has impressive ergonomics
  • The model is powerful for clean cuts

What We Don’t Like

  • The blade needs regular tightening

The Solution: This is a problem with a few people. If you encounter a loose blade, ensure to follow the right steps from the manufacturer to correctly secure it in position.

Makita 5008MGA Magnesium Circular Saw


It is always better to see what the same brand can offer under the same category. For this reason, we compare the 5007MGA above against the 5008MGA. Here are the top features of the Makita 5008MGA.

Versatility and Power

Being a Makita, power should be less of your worries. We find that this unit stands out for having the 15-amp industrial motor. The motor can deliver up to 5,200RPM. This speed is enough for you to easily handle any type of clean cuts you might want.

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To make it versatile, the unit comes with a large blade measuring 8.25 inches in diameter. There is no doubt you will have an easier time cutting through any thick workpieces. Considering the power output is 2300 watts out, it should be enough power to make the unit ideal for the tough lumber jobs.


Ease of Use and Ergonomics

The unit stands out for being ergonomic and easy to use. It is made of magnesium material, which makes the unit lightweight and easy to maneuver. Even newbies will find the unit being easy to work with as compared to other units on the market.

The handle is overmolded with the aim of providing you with the best grip. You would now have an easier time controlling the saw even when you are wearing gloves.

The presence of LED lights should make it easier for you to see better when the lighting is not good. Well, this is now a common feature in newer circular saws, so it is good to see it in this model.

Cutting Capacity

Like for any other unit, we always have to look at the cutting capacity. This unit offers a cutting capacity of 3 inches at 90 degrees and 2.25 inches at 45 degrees.

It just goes on to show that you would have the best cutting capacity when you opt for this unit. Since it can also bevel up to 50 degrees, it should be ideal for anyone who needs to make multiple angled cuts.

The 8.25-inch carbide tipped blade is also worth mentioning. With such a large size of the blade, it is easy to see why you would end up with the best cutting capacity.


What We Like

  • It offers an impressive cutting capacity
  • It is great for cutting thick workpieces
  • The saw is highly durable
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What We Don’t Like

  • It lacks a laser guide

The Solution: Laser guides can be great mostly for amateurs who require it for the best accuracy. However, the unit also features large ruler markings on the base that will help you with achieving the best accuracy.

Which is Better?

Both the 5007MGA and 5008MGA units are better in terms of versatility and performance. You will also notice that they have the same powerful motor and slightly differ in speed, but still close enough. The weight is almost the same and they also bevel to similar degrees.

The difference is more pronounced when you look at the cutting capacity. The 5008MGA comes out as the best for having a better cutting capacity of 3 inches at 90 degrees and 2.5 inches at 45 degrees. The 5007MGA has a lesser cutting capacity of 2.5 inches at 90 degrees.

Final Thoughts

Even with few differences between the two models, we see that they are both good models. The two can work in any worksite because of their impressive cutting depth and overall power.

The impressive speeds of up to 5,800RPM ensures that you have clean cuts all the time. Since they are priced almost the same, you can make your decision based on personal preferences. Look at what each model can offer before making up your mind.