Basic Tool List for a Rented Apartment

Living in a rented apartment comes with many advantages. You can rent an apartment in the downtown area of any metropolitan city without major investment.

With renting an apartment, there are also few types of expenses comes like utility bills and maintenance. For maintenance purposes, you can contact the landlord or person who is looking after building maintenance.

If you want to do small renovation work at your apartment then you can do it with the help of a basic tool kit. But, ask your real estate agent or property manager first if you need any re-innovation to your apartment.

You should have basic tools so that you can do small repairs yourself and other relevant work in your apartment. Here is the basic tool list for a rented apartment that will help you.

Screwdriver Set

The screwdriver set is first on our list. As you live for many years in a rented apartment or just started living in a rental home, a screwdriver set is important to fix the things at their place. After years of use, door handle handles of kitchen cabinets, and wooden furniture lose automatically. You need to tight them with a proper screwdriver.

You should all types of screws in your screwdriver sets like Phillips, and flathead. For these types of small work, if you call a maintenance person then it will take so much time. But, if you have a screwdriver set then you need only a few minutes to end this task. In the screwdriver set. You should have all sizes of screwdrivers like star-shaped or Torx.


You also need a hammer in your rented apartment. This tool is important in furniture fitting, hang a photo on the wall, or adjusting any small things. Use only a small hammer for these types of purposes.

Only use a small hammer that can be used in multiple works and also you can keep it in the tool kit. For use in your apartment, you do not need a large hammer. A small hammer can all tasks that you need in your rented apartment. It will also help you to do many tasks when you move to a new apartment.

Light Torch

There are many types of the torch are available in the market. You can use any of these torches at your home. You need a torch while there is no electricity in your building or you can use it to do work in dark corners of your apartment.

Torchlight comes in two types, one is a chargeable battery and the other is with a cell. You can use the torchlight few hours with its charge. A light torch is very helpful when you want to see the things under the sofa, under the fridge or table, and during the night when there is no electricity in your apartment.

Measure Tape

Measure tape is also one of the important things that should have in every rented apartment. You need to measure dimensions many times in your home for different purposes. If you want to buy new furniture in your apartment then you have to measure space and need to make a layout so new furniture can fit properly in the apartment.

If you are doing any DIY things then a tape measure required to take different measurements. Right measurement of things before buying or before replacement is very important as it can save lots of time. Also, save you from doing rework.

A power drills

You can do much of maintenance or decoration work at your home easily with few things. One such thing that you need in your apartment is a power drill. You need a drill to make holes in walls, wood, or other materials.

If you have no drill available at your home then you have to call the maintenance person. So, the better thing is that you should have a power drill in your apartment so that you can do any DIY or maintenance work easily.

Extension board

This thing you need in every maintenance work at your home. Not all time you get a switchboard near to your work. If you have an extension board with a long cord then you can work easily anywhere in your home.

One more benefit of an extension board is that you can plug more than one device with the help of the extension board. This extension board you can use in your new apartment, in the kitchen, and also in your office.


Levels come in many different sizes. You need this tool for many purposes. You can fix your family photos straight with help of a level. For any hanging arrangement, you need to make holes in one line that can possibly with level.

Nowadays, mobile phones also come with level applications, but you need a flat surface on one side to make a measurement. You can use any size or level in your toolset. Small size level, you can easily carry or put it in a tool kit box easily.


We are not talking about the knife which cuts vegetables, but you can keep the utility knife in your tool kit. You can use this knife to open any package easily. You can use it while making any DIY things for your home. Utility knife comes with a very hard material blade and it is very easy to use. So own one utility knife that will useful to you in many work in your home.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the important things that you should have in your apartment for basic repair work. You can fix the hose pipe repair with the help of the duct pipe. This is not permanent but you can continue your work with this immediate repair and replace the part later.

You can also cover parts of the cushion or pillow with duct tape. Also, per hair and lint can be removed from the cloth with the help of duct tape. Other than these, you will also find more uses of duct tape in your apartment.