Makita 5007MGA vs 5377MG Circular Saw

The Makita brand is always a top consideration for anyone who needs a saw.

Considering the brand now makes other power tools, you would always find a power tool that you need depending on a project.

Focusing on circular saws, some of the notable models include the Makita 5007MGA and the Makita 5377MG models.

These two are going to make your life easier when it comes to working on various projects, but how do they compare?

Learn more about them in this comparison guide.

Quick Summary

For a contractor who needs to handle the tough lumber jobs, then the 5007MGA unit is the best option. It is better at power delivery, has more speed output, and great at the cutting depth.

The 5377MG model is best for someone who needs a tool mostly for DIY projects and also on a budget as it is cheaper. Even for its lower speed output, it is still good for cutting some tough materials you might need for a project.

The Comparison

Makita 5007MGA Magnesium Circular Saw

Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4" Magnesium Circular Saw, with Electric Brake

Anyone who is looking for a Makita circular saw must have come across this type of unit. It is loved for its build quality and overall performance. Below are more reasons you would want the 5007MGA model.


The first thing you would like about the unit should be the versatility of the unit. With this model, you can use it for framing walls, working on roofs and floors. It is easy to see why it is so popular among carpenters and those working on related projects.

Considering that it comes with an impressive bevel capacity of up to 56 degrees, it stands out for its versatility too. It is now possible to adjust the cutting angle depending on your needs.

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Other applications include masonry and metal cutting. Just make sure you are using the correct blade for these additional cutting applications.

Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4" Magnesium Circular Saw, with Electric Brake

The Blade

The 7.25-inch blade that you find on this unit is great for performance. We find that it is ultra-coated to ensure there is great performance when cutting through the various materials. The blade has the M shape tooth design. This type of teeth design is great for faster and cleaner cuts. Also, the design helps the blade remain sharper for longer.

The carbide tips on the blade will help the blade continue working great even in harsh conditions. This can include cutting the tough materials without necessarily worrying about the heat and pitch build up.


Like any other good circular saw, we have to look at the ergonomics too. We find that the unit is designed to be lightweight at 10.1 pounds. Also, there is a great clearance between the blade and handle. The result is that you end up having a better grip even if you have larger hands or wearing gloves.

The bevel and ruler markings are all large to ensure you can see them better when making the cuts. This should largely improve the precision of making the cuts.


The manufacturer uses a 15-amp industrial motor in this circular saw. The result is that you end up with a strong circular saw that can handle the different power needs you might have.

Also, the model will now have a larger cutting capacity. For this one, it can cut up to 2.5 inches at 90 degrees and 1.75 at 45 degrees. Even at angled cuts, the cutting depth is still good.

What We Like

  • Ease of use even for newbies
  • The dust blower keeps the cutline visible
  • It is highly versatile

What We Don’t Like

  • Some feel the motor power could be better
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The Solution: Even though the motor power could be better for cutting through harder materials, this can be solved by using premium blades. Use the blades the manufacturer recommends to get the most out of the circular saw.

Makita 5377MG Magnesium Circular Saw

Makita 5377MG 7-1/4" Magnesium Hypoid Saw

The Makita 5377MG is a close competitor to the 5007MGA model mentioned above. However, the two differ slightly and that is what we want to look at below. Here are some notable qualities of the 5377MG unit.

Efficient Cutting

To make the 5377MG model better than what you get with other models, the manufacturer made it to have durable magnesium components. One of them is the 15-amp industrial motor. This motor has the hypoid gearing system that ensures you end up with the best power output. You will also notice that this unit comes with the best balance between the weight, durability, and power.

The saw can spin up to 4,500RPM. This amount of speed should be good enough for making clean cuts. Even with the lightweight magnesium components, its gears transfer most of the power generated. With less power wasted, you end up with better cuts all the time.

Makita 5377MG 7-1/4" Magnesium Hypoid Saw

Ease of Use

The manufacturer understands that not everyone is a pro with the circular saws. It is why this one is simple to use in comparison to others in its class. There is also a greater clearance between the blade and the rear handle. The result is that you have a better grip. You would also notice that maneuvering the tool is generally easier.

Good for Multiple Applications

Versatility is a big selling point for any Makita circular saw. That is what we also see with this unit. It does come with a large cutting capacity of 2-3/8 inches at 90 degrees. Also, it can bevel up to 51.5 degrees and has positive stops at 22.5, 45, and 51.5 degrees for ease of use.

It is why the unit is great for framing walls, roofing, and working on floors. There is no doubt you would like it for handling the lumber better than before.

What We Like

  • It is easy to use
  • The unit features a powerful motor
  • It offers better precision cuts

What We Don’t Like

  • The guard rail feels fragile

The Solution: The guard rail is an important safety feature which must always be present. As much as some feel it is fragile, it is a small percentage of users. Most feel it is adequate to work as expected.

Which is Better?

To decide which is better, we have to look at the similarities and differences. We see that these units both have the same blade size, good bevel capacity, cutting depth, and they are easy to use.

The 5007MGA unit stands out as the best option for its more speed output, better power delivery, being lighter, and easily maneuverable. The 5377MG is still good as you will find it being ideal for handling different projects for its power output and consistently clean cuts.

Final Thoughts

Makita is a top manufacturer when it comes to industrial power tools. These two models reviewed above are all great in their respective fields. For someone who might be on a budget and needs a circular saw for DIY projects, then the 5377MG unit is an ideal choice. Those who need to handle tough lumber jobs should opt for the 5007MGA unit.